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Do You Know These 15 Awesome Facebook Tricks?

Hello Friends, if you are a Facebook addict like me, then I am 101% sure that you know how to add/remove friends, deactivate account, update status, upload pics/videos, mentioning people on your posts, checking-in,creating groups and fan pages.  Want to learn some new Facebook hacking tricks?

If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place as today I am going to share top 15 cool Facebook tricks/tips which you might not know.   If you know any other interesting Facebook tricks and secrets, then please add more value to this post by sharing it on the comment section below.

Let’s have a look at Top 10 Facebook Hacking Tricks:

1. How To Remove Sponsored Posts/Advertisements From Your Fcebook Timeline?

Are you tired of seeing so-called Facebook pages and websites advertisements on your news-feed?  Just install Facebook AdBlock or QClean chrome extension and all advertisements  from your news-feed will be removed. You can also give Adblock Plus a try.
Remove Advertisements from facebook timeline

2. Create Fake  Status,Comments,Likes  UsingFacebook  Wall Generator

Want to troll celebrities or your friends on Facebook? Just visit The Wall Machine and connect it with your Facebook account. With the help of The Wall Machine you can create your own status, Likers, Commentors of Status Updates in your own way. Check out the example.
Facebook Fake Wall Generator,fake facebook post maker,fake facebook wallYou may also like:  Best Blogging Groups In Google+ And Facebook
3. How To Magnify Facebook Images Or Albums?
With the help of Photo Zoom for Facebook extension you can see larger images of albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image!! It is very simple, light weight and is one of the most popular chrome addon.

 4. How To Download Whole Photo Album In Facebook ?

Right now Facebook only allow us to download one picture at a time, but do you want to know how to download bulk photos from your photo album? Just install and activate Bulk Download Images (ZIG) chrome extension and you will be able to download bulk images from Facebook with single click.
Download Whole Photo Album Facebook,download photos from facebook
 5. How To Create Custom Title and description While Sharing Links In Facebook?
You must be aware of this trick if you are a blogger as you might be sharing your blog posts frequently on Facebook. For those who don’t know this trick you just need to click on title and description while sharing any link on Facebook.
Custom Facebook Title and description For Links

6. How To Convert your Facebook Profile into Facebook Page? - Facebook Page Tricks

You can easily convert your profile into Facebook page. Facebook will automatically make your account username as your page username, current account pic as page profile pic and will add all your friends and subscribers as people who have liked your page.
Note: If you are managing any page or group using this account then please add some other admin there as after conversion you will not be able to manage that particular page or group.
Convert  Facebook Profile into Facebook Page,convert facebook profile to page
Steps for converting Facebook profile into Facebook page:
 7. How To Read Facebook Chat Messages And Stay Undetected?
When you chat with someone on Facebook, they can see that you have seen their message even if you don’t reply. Seen feature also includes the exact time when you saw the message. If you want to remain Undetective from your friends or clients then you will have to install Facebook Unseen chrome extension. After installing this extension, the person you are chatting with on Facebook will not be able to tell when you have ‘seen’ their message.

8. How To Find out who has unfriended you on Facebook?
Ever wanted to know who has unfriended you on Facebook? Now you can find this with the help of Unfriend Notify for Facebook addon. The best part about this addon is that it is very user-friendly & is available for both Chrome and Mozilla.
After installing Unfriend Notify extension you will  see a “Lost Friends” tab on your friends list. It will show you all the people who have unfriended you since the last time you clicked the tab. In addition, this plugin will even send you notification when someone unfriend you.

Find out who has unfriended you on Facebook

 9 .How To Download Facebook Videos For Free?

With the help of FBDOWN.net you can easily download any video from Facebook. The downloading process is quite simple and quick. Just visit FBDOWN.net website and enter URL of the Facebook Video you want to download. After entering video link click on download button.

 10. How To Turn Off Chat For Specific People on Facebook?
With the help of advanced chat settings you can either turn off chat or become visible to selective friends on Facebook.Follow these steps for turning off Facebook chat.
1.To turn chat on for just a few friends:
  • Click  in the chat sidebar
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Click Turn on chat for only some friends…
  • List the friends you want to turn on chat for
2. To turn on chat for all your friends except a few:
  • Select Turn on chat for all your friends except… in your Advanced Settings
  • List the friends you want to turn chat off for
 Turn Off Chat For Specific People on Facebook

 11. How To Send Unlimited Friend Requests When Blocked On Facebook ?

If you are a boy then I am sure you must have seen this message (“You’re blocked from sending friend requests for 7 days or 30 days”) many many times on Facebook. Isn’t you? After getting blocked, you will not be able to send friend requests on Facebook even to people you personally know.
No worries folks as I am going to share a cool facebook trick with the help of which you can send unlimited friend request on Facebook even when Facebook block your friend requests.
Trick: You just need to find out email address of the person to whom you want to send friend request. After finding email address go to this link and enter the email of the person to whom you want to sent friend request on “Invite Your Friends Tab”.
If you want to send friend requests to more than 1 person then enter all emails in a test file separated by commas and save that file with the extension .vcf (Contact file). After saving simply upload it on Facebook. That’s It.

12. How To Make Profile Pic Unclickable?

By making your profile pic unclickable no one will be able to click on your profile pic nor they will be able to see comments or likes on your profile pic .
Follow these steps to make your profile picture unclickable
  • Open your Facebook timeline
  • Click on your current profile picture
  • Select your current profile picture.
  • In the pop up screen click on edit button
  • Adjust privacy setting from “Public” to “Only Me”
  • Done editing

 13.How To View Private profile photos in full size?

Faceboook does not allow you to see full size profile picture of those who are not in your friends list,but there is a small trick with the help of which you can see profile pic of any person without being their friend.
  • Open the Facebook timeline of the person you wish to view.
  • Right click on the profile picture and select the option open image in new tab.
  • Just Removes160X160/” and “cxx.xx.xx.xx” part from the URL that appears, so you will see the photo in full size.

14. How To Invite All of your friends to like your page?- Facebook Page Tricks

There are 2 ways by which you can invite all of your friends to like your page or event. You can manually add small JavaScript code on your browser console or can use Invite All (for Facebook) chrome addon. It’ up to you which method you want to use. If you want to use manually then follow the steps given below.
Manually Adding JavaScript code for inviting friends.(JavaScript Facebook Tricks)
  • Go to your page.Click on Build Audience->Invite friends
  • A Small pop up box will open click on “Search All Friends”.
  • Scroll all the way down until names stop loading.
  • Open Browser console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J
  • Enter  JavaScript code mentioned below there:
  • Wait for a few minutes until invites are sent to all.
JavaScript code for inviting friends to like fan page:(JavaScript Facebook Tricks)
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
for(var i=0; i

 JavaScript code for inviting friends to like Event.
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

15. How To Change Facebook’s Posted via text?
You must have seen many times “Posted via Mobile” link at the bottom of your Facebook status when you update your status or upload pic from mobile. Want to change that so-called posted via message to say posted via “Iphone5s” or via “xyz mobile”? If you want, then go to fbstatusvia.com and update your status from any mobile device.
Which are your favorite  Facebook hacking tricks from this post?If you found this post useful then please do share it with your friends on social networking websites especially Facebook.

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