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Best 5 SEO Success Secrets 2014

The awareness of what signs algorithms are looking for is fundamental towards SEO success. Here are 5 SEO success secrets you need to put into practice:

1. Acknowledge the relevance of high PR links

Despite what some might say high authority links are still incredibly important. The Google algorithm seeks high PR in order to decide which sites acquire the highest rankings.

If you’re still unsure then why not test it out for yourself? If you have the availability to SEO software that gives link profile readouts, try and search for some key phrases and then run the reports on the top 10 sites that come up. You will most likely find that the sites with the highest rankings are the ones with the highest PR links.

2. Link diversity is crucial

As important as high PR links are, link diversity is even more important, and no, that does not mean blog comment spamming and automated links; that will upset Google. To really boost your rankings, and to make Google happy, you need to show diversity in your link building approach as well as using a combination of dofollow and nofollow links. Here are a list of places you can explore to help you find top links that will enrich your link variety: Web 2.0 sites, press releases, article directories, Wordpress/Blogger, social media sites, and social bookmarks.

3. Do it the natural way

A few years back, automated link building was a major thing where you could find software that would create as many links as possible to help boost your site’s rankings. However, Google’s algorithm updates weren’t too fond of the method, and so automated link building is no longer effective. Therefore, for better SEO management, you should opt for the organic approach by manually seeking a variety of high PR links that you can build your links upon.

4. Stay relevant

Always make sure that you keep significance at the forefront of your mind. Despite the importance of link diversity, it is crucial that you build your links upon sites that are actually relevant to what your site is about, or else you may find that your SEO is less effective. Therefore, you should aim to find links that actually relate to the content of your own.

5. Be multi-media savvy

Text only websites are always the least attractive. To make your site more appealing you need to include a range of images, sounds and videos etc. in order to boost your on page SEO and satiate Google algorithms. If you feel like your site is perhaps lacking in this department, well, it looks like you know what you need to do next.

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