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Best WordPress SEO Plugins Which You Must Try On Your Blog

Friends you know that more than 90 Million websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Day by day WordPress is becoming popular among bloggers .But do you know the main reason behind it? Why WordPress is world best CMS? WordPress is best CMS because no one can beat it in SEO.WP uses well written codes & Google just love it. But this does not mean that by just installing WordPress on your blog you will be ranking high in search engines. If you want to get organic traffic & want to rank well in search engines then you will have to install good quality SEO Plugins on your blog.
I have personally used all these plugins on my blog & would recommend you do the same.

Without wasting any time lets have a look at 5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Which You Can Install On Your Blog

1.WordPress SEO ByYoast

This is my all time favourite plugin and I am currently using it on my blog. This plugin has been created by Joost de Valk and has been downloaded over 7.5 Million times with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. This clearly shows that it is one of the best Plugin(For Both On-Page & Off-Page SEO) in the market for WordPress. The Best part about this plugin is that it is completely free.
WordPress SEO ByYoast,wordpress seo plugins,best seo plugins,yoast wordpress seo
Features: You can set Post Title,Meta Descriptions,Permalinks,Breadcrumbs,Canonical Url,XML Sitemaps and much more on your blog. If you want to make your blog social media friendly then you can even add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter MetaData. If you are using All-In-One SEO or HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin on your blog then with the help of Import Function you can move your SEO data(Meta title and description) into this plugin.
In addition, it previews how your content will look in search engines, controls which pages from your site go to search engines, allows you to control indexing of categories and archives, and so much more.You can even edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file with WP Yoast. With the help of Flesch Reading Ease scale you can check whither your post is easy to read or not.
As compared to other SEO plugins WordPress Yoast is little complicated but still I Would highly Recommended this to every WordPress blog owner.

2. All In One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack,All In One SEO Plugin,best seo plugin
All In One SEO Pack is the most popular plugin & has been downloaded most number of times from WordPress Repository. Michael Torbert is the creator of AIO SEO Plugin. If you are new to WordPress or SEO world then this is the plugin which you should install on your blog. For beginners there is no need to change its default settings, just Install it & Activate it.
Features: With the help of this plugin you can avoid duplicate content,optimise post tiles for search engines & can generate meta tags automatically.This plugin also enables you to manually include META tags (title, description and keywords) for each page and post in your web site.You can also add canonical urls, XML Sitemaps & Google Analytics with the help of this plugin.
NOTE: Install Only 1 Plugin Between WP Yoast & All In One SEO.


Daniel Tan is the man behind SEOPressor.More than 150k webmasters are using SEOPressor on their blog which clearly shows that it is one of the most powerful On Page SEO Plugin.It has many features which will help you optimize all of your articles and rank you well in Search Engines.
Features Of SEOPressor:SEOPressor Plugin
  • Over optimization check
  • On Page SEO & Multiple LSI keyword analysis
  • Check Keyword Density
  • Social SEO Integration
  • Rich snippets
  • Smart linking
  • Automatic Smart Linking
You can use SEOPressor with WordPress Yoast. Use Yoast for adding Meta Titles &  Meta Descirption & SEOPressor for adding keywords,rich snippets  & other on page work.
The sad part about this plugin is that it is a Premium plugin($47) which means that not everyone can afford it. But if are not happy with AIO SEO & WP Yoast and are thinking to hire SEO Expert for doing on site work then please don’t invest your money on hiring so-called SEO expert instead invest your money on SEOPressor.

4.Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin,google xml sitemaps plugin,google xml sitemaps
With the help of this plugin you can automatically create XML sitemap on your blog which will help search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing to better index your blog. I am using this plugin on my blog and it is very fast,easy to use & uses much less resources. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.

5. SEO Friendly Images

best wordpress seo plugin,SEO Friendly Images,SEO Friendly Images review
A picture is worth a thousand words,but most of the bloggers just upload pics on their post and do not add correct ALT & Title attributes. As a result they do not get traffic from Images Search Engines especially Google Images. Sometimes Google even penalize websites who do not add proper ALT tages.
If you are one of them then you must install SEO Friendly Images Plugin on your blog. This plugin will automatically add Proper ALT & Title attributes on your images. In this way you will get a good amount of traffic from Google Images.

Bonus: Redirection Plugin

Redirection wordpress plugin review,redirection wordpress
This plugin does exactly what it says. No need to edit your htaccess file.With the help of this plugin you can keep track of 404 errors & handle 301 redirections on your blog. If url of your page/post changes then it will automatically add a 301 redirection,manually you can add 301,302 or 307 redirection.This plugin is very useful if you are changing directory of your blog or migrating your pages/posts in a new website.
That’s It Friends now I want to know from you which SEO plugins are you using on your blog? Which useful SEO Plugin you think I missed in this post? If you find this post helpful then please share it with you friends on social networking websites. Happy New Year In Advance Friends :)!!

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