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Facebook Tips and Tricks you should know about!

Every user on an average spends 18 minutes every day on Facebook. Facebook from being just a social platform has become a part of our everyday life. When travelling, I see people glued to their Smartphones liking/commenting on their friend’s feed to Whatsapping  each other. Technology has brought us closer in terms of communication and availability.

However, with people adding anyone and everyone they know (long lost friends, friends colleagues, Distant relatives),organizing and maximizing the value out of your time on Facebook also becomes a challenge. We give you these Facebook Hacks & tricks to make your life easier.

Segment your Conversations

When you have everyone from a friend to your neighbor on Facebook reading (judging) you on your actions (what you share and what you comment), you would like to segment your conversations according to the pretext of the conversation. So maybe if you are sharing a work related article for your colleagues, you would rather want to focus on that target group rather than sharing it for everyone. Believe me, Your friend who has nothing to do with marketing would not like to read what you have to say about marketing tactics on Facebook. The way to do that is sorting your friends through Custom Targeting
Hovering over your Lock icon at the top of Facebook would give you the option where you can specify who would you want to share your default posts under ‘Who can See my Stuff’. Facebook does half the job for you by creating basic lists for you based on your workplaces and school identifying the pattern and you can customize it further. I have some people on my list whom I do not want to show some posts, so I have created a ‘Restricted’ list where I have listed down these users and I make sure when I post, I exclude them. This is a handy feature used by many of my teen friends to block their parents (whom they just cannot unfriend) and can be helpful when used for the right reasons.
Facebook Privacy Tips
Facebook Status Update Tips

Turn Off those Pings

You all have those friends who keep pinging you for no reason with whom you have no intention to chat with. In order to keep your online chat to exclusive group of friends and not to all the 500 ‘friends’ you might have added, Facebook has a feature of ‘Turn Off Chat’
Facebook Chat Tips
Here I am trying to being offline to Harsh because he pings me a lot every-time and I would want Harsh to see when I am online, and utilize that time to chat with my girlfriend instead (No Harsh, Not really!). Click on the Gear Icon of the friends you would like to apply it to and hide yourself unless you want to chat with them again.

Block those Notifications

When you sparingly comment on some-one’s photo (your friends getting engaged or married) and then the stream of comments which follow suit on your mobile notifications are irritating to say the least. You can stop those notifications by clicking on the down arrow at the right side of the post and click on ‘Stop Notifications’.
How to stop Facebook notifications

Use Facebook Graph

You can search for a user/Facebook page’s information instead of scrubbing through  Facebook search via Facebook graph option. Just type in http://graph.facebook.com/[Facebook Username] and replace the username part with your desired username. Below is the example for our Facebook Page Digital Insights
Facebook Graph Tips
You can get all the public info about the page/user profile in one place like Facebook ID, Name, Page Likes, PTAT count, Facebook Profile Picture Link, Description, Location , website. So stalk all you can with this tweak from Facebook

Change your Facebook Page Username [Again]

Yes! You can change your Facebook username again but only once. If you already have a username but would like to change it, you can do it by following the below path:
Admin Panel –> Edit Page –> Update Page Info –> Facebook Web Address –> Change Web Address 
You can check on the availability of the new username you would want and book it once available to use your desired username for your Business. It can be changed only once, so use it wisely

What have People Liked? I want to know

Are you one of those guys who wants to know what have your friends (or you) have liked over the years on Facebook or you are thinking of doing a clean up to all the non-sense pages you might have liked at the start when you joined Facebook? Well you can certainly find all in one place. You just need to go at https://www.facebook.com/[Facebook Username]/likes  and replace the username field with your username or your friends.
The Likes would be sorted by Facebook according to categories and you can unlike certain pages which you might have liked 2-3 years before and select a certain few. It also can be one of the ways to look at what your friends interests are and certainly can be a goldmine of information for a business wanting to know what their customers like ( on Facebook) to graph out their user behavior in real life.
Facebook can be complicated at times with so much information to digest at one. Which tips or tricks would you like to share with us which is not mentioned above? Please share it with us in the comments below and we would be sure to include it in the blog post with due credits.

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