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How To Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger

Blogger is a very powerful and widely used publishing platform on the internet because it is very easy to use for beginner blogger who are looking for learns blogging quick and easy way to create their blog online. Most of bloggers used wordpress platform for publishing their content but some of them faced few issues in wordpress platform, so they want to move their wordpress blog to blogger platform. In this article we provide you step by step guide of How to Convert Wordpress Blog to Blogger.
How To Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger
It’s not easy to transfer wordpress blog to blogger platform so we provide you step by step guide to migrate your wordpress blog to blogger. Its need to import your date from wordpress then imported your data in your blogger. But blogger except only their format for blog post so you need to convert it for blogger format through the simple steps.

Convert a Wordpress blog To Blogger in easy steps

Follow below steps to convert self hosted wordpress blogs to blogger:

1. Importing From Wordpress:

Please follow below steps to export your wordpress content:

Step 1

Login into your wordpress account then choose your blog which you want to convert into blogger. You can also login directly with adding /wp-login.php into your blog's home URL like Yourblog.com/Wp-login.php

Step 2

Now Go to Tools option at the left panel of wordpress dashboard. When you click on tools please click on export option as shown in below picture.
Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger

Step 3

Click on All Content radio button under the 'Choose What to Export'. You can also select only posts or pages or feedbacks. Now click on 'Download Export File' to download your all wordpress content as shown in below picture.
Convert Wordpress Blog

2. Convert Into Blogger Format:

Go to Wordpress to Blogger app's page to convert your wordpress exported file to blogger format. You can simply upload your exported file to click on 'Choose file' button then click on Convert. After conversion please download convert file on your computer.

3. Import Blog to Blogger:

Now follow below steps to import your all content into blogger blog:

Step 1

Login into blogger account and Go to blogger dashboard. You can also create new blog with click on Create a Blog link.

Step 2

Now Go to Settings and click on other tab then click on import blog link as shown in below picture.
Convert Wordpress Blog To Blogger

Step 3

Now upload your converted file here with follow simple instruction by blogger. Once you've done, you will see your all post which is ready to be published.
Notes: You can only upload and convert wordpress exported file is less than 1 MB.
If you have any question or update than you can contact with us any time at our E-mail support

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